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EasyFit Available To Italian Customers Through SxST

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

We are glad to announce that customers from Italy can now purchase EasyFit, our distribution fitting software product, through SxST, the Milan-based company specializing in software solutions for science and technology.

SxST provides a wide range of scientific software products from recognized vendors to Italian businesses, government organizations and academic institutions. According to the agreement, SxST will be offering the Italian version of EasyFit and the first level support in Italian language to their clients, ensuring the best customer experience at the same cost as for the rest of EU countries.

It is really fascinating for us to see EasyFit standing in line with statistical software packages by Systat Software, Minitab, GraphPad, and StataCorp. Our partnership with SxST can be thought of as a milestone indicating that EasyFit has reached the quality level of brand name products offered by these long-established companies.

Using StatAssist – The Distribution Viewer Tool

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

In EasyFit 3.0 – back in 2006 – we introduced StatAssist, the built-in distribution viewer tool that closely integrates with the distribution fitting features of EasyFit. Since then, StatAssist has proven to be quite a useful feature, so we decided to include it into EasyFitXL, our distribution fitting add-in for Excel.

StatAssist displays graphs and other useful properties of all the probability distributions available in EasyFit. Even though it has initially been designed as an essential part of EasyFit, StatAssist can be used as a separate application – for example, to take a quick look at a distribution curve, or to calculate the distribution statistics… read the full article

Fitting Distributions in Excel

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

Excel has become the de facto standard application for data analysis and presentation across a variety of industries, so if you deal with random data of any kind, chances are your data is stored in Excel workbooks. However, analyzing probability data in Excel can be tricky as the standard Excel package includes no facilities for fitting probability distributions to data. That is when EasyFitXL, the distribution fitting add-in for Excel, comes in handy… read the full article

EasyFit Used for Environmental Fate and Risk Assessment

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Since 1991, the European Union has been promoting the use of numerical models to assess the environmental fate and risk of pesticides. Recently a group of scientists from the Catholic University and the Marche Polytechnic University (Italy) in association with Informatica Ambientale, the Milan-based research and computer science company, developed a tool that integrates one of the pesticide fate models with GIS software. Several distribution fitting software products were tested to introduce distribution functions in the risk assessment study, and EasyFit was selected as the most appropriate tool for analyzing annual mean pesticide concentration and determining the most suitable distribution… read the full case study

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