EasyFitXL :: Distribution Fitting for Excel

Features Overview
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• over 55 distributions
• goodness-of-fit tests
• interactive graphs
• random numbers
• probability calculations
worksheet functions
VBA functions

Works with all Excel versions (2000-2010)
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EasyFitXL is an Excel add-in enabling you to deal with uncertainty by analyzing your probability data right in Excel.

EasyFitXL is a part of the Professional Edition of EasyFit which automates the entire process of fitting probability distributions to data.

How It Works

EasyFitXL automatically fits a large number of distributions to your worksheet data in seconds, and displays the graphs and reports helping you select the best fitting model. The manual fitting capability allows you to easily fit additional distributions and specify the parameter values.

Once you select the best fitting distribution, you can apply it to perform specific calculations using the built-in probability calculator, interpret the results, and make appropriate business decisions.

Use Distributions in Your Worksheets and VBA

In addition to a visual interface for fitting distributions, EasyFitXL provides a number of functions which can be used in your worksheets and VBA applications, allowing you to create advanced Excel-based probability models and solve a wide range of business problems dealing with risk and uncertainty.

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EasyFitXL is an integral part of the Professional Edition of EasyFit. Download the trial version of EasyFit now and get 30 days of free use to evaluate the product features.

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