EasyFit – Distribution Fitting Made Easy

EasyFit helps you deal with uncertainty and make informed decisions by analyzing your probability data and selecting the best fitting distribution. EasyFit allows to easily fit a large number of distributions to your data in seconds, saves time and prevents analysis errors. Watch the product video

Why Fit Distributions?

Selecting an appropriate distribution can be a critical success factor for your projects: assuming that your data follows the Normal or any other distribution without testing alternative models is extremely likely to result in analysis errors and bad decisions. EasyFit helps you choose and use the distribution that best fits to your data, ensuring that you make right business or engineering decisions, and protecting you from time and money loss.

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Customer Testimonials

"As a project engineer and program manager for 35 years, I have used curve-fitting programs throughout my career, but this one is lightweight and yet more powerful than anything on the market..."
David G. Beshore, Senior Project Engineer, Atlas V Program, Aerospace Corp. [read more testimonials]
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