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"EasyFit is the best commercially available software available to help in fitting data to probability distributions. It is fast and accurate, easy to use and for the price it can't be beat. The company is very responsive to any queries. I would recommend this software without reservation."

Allan Mense, Ph.D., PE, CRE, Senior Engineering Fellow, Raytheon Company

"As a project engineer and program manager for 35 years, I have used curve-fitting programs throughout my career, but this one is lightweight and yet more powerful than anything on the market. EasyFit used with Excel is not only fast and simple but also gives me a quick feel for best fit among tried-and-true distributions. The new distributions in their database offer knowledge which I am still learning about. By the way, I developed conclusions faster than our statistics group, which were verified by them weeks later."

David G. Beshore, Senior Project Engineer, Atlas V Program, Aerospace Corporation

"I used EasyFit to try and describe my complicated data set, and I was able to quickly overlay it with different distributions. I found the best distribution, and I was able to easily dive deeper. Great program to use, especially if you are unsure about what kind of data you might have."

Alexander R. Martinez, Mechanical Engineer, Fleet and Prototype Test Engineering, Gas Turbine Technology Lab, GE Energy

"As uncertainties exist in underground mines, EasyFit is an essential tool for all Geotechnical Engineers to determine the best fitting probability distributions to sample data to be able to conduct Monte Carlo simulations. With the new version, it is made even simpler in Excel spreadsheets."

Ismet Canbulat, Ph.D., Principal, Strata Engineering Pty Ltd, Australia

"EasyFit/StatAssist is a very user friendly software tool. It contains enough probability distributions that are important for statistically analyzing data sets. In our case the tool provided us with easy ways to calculate probability of failure for our resistance measurements."

K. Mahunonyane, Aberdare Cables, South Africa

"EasyFit is a superb application for exploratory data analysis. It approaches the topic through fitting theoretical distributions to empirical datasets. The software is extremely easy to use, is very fast and comes with a number of inbuilt distributions. It also offers goodness-of-fit tests so that analysts may assess the quality of their initial hypotheses. In a nutshell, it is great for exploring the behaviour of data quickly, and at low cost. Data export to other applications is a breeze. In my view, it provides a great introduction to the Tukey approach to data investigation. An essential part of any analyst's toolkit."

Adrian Boucher, Ph.D., Managing Director, 1nfometrics Consulting, UK

"MathWave EasyFit is useful software for analyzing large amounts of data in a quick, efficient, and customizable way..."

Ivan Au, Enbridge Pipelines Inc.

"I use EasyFit and StatAssist quite a lot. It allows me to quickly determine the best fit for a given statistical sample using two criteria (Kolmogorov-Smirnov and Anderson-Darling); see the graphs for each probabilistic distribution (cumulative distribution function, probability density function, probability of exceedance, hazard function, etc.) and calculate these functions for any given x-value. The program is user-friendly and helps increase the efficiency of statistical analysis."

Lyuben D. Ivanov, Senior Engineer, American Bureau of Shipping, USA

"I was able to operate the Easyfit software after only a short trial period. It is robust and indeed easy to use as the name suggests. It has made the fitting of distributions to data almost effortless."

Johann Stiefenhofer, Principal Geologist - Kimberlites, De Beers Group Services, South Africa

"I have had excellent results by using EasyFitXL routines embedded in a discrete event simulator developed in VBA environment. It has allowed me to incorporate random number generation functions from a great number of statistical distributions. EasyFit is easy to use and fitted our needs well. We have had all the necessary technical support. Strongly recommended."

André Mendes, In Line Consultoria, Desenv. Negócios e Sistemas, Brazil

"EasyFit is certainly the state of the art in the software for data fitting. EasyFit is stable, fast, implements many statistical distributions, and allows a great data exportability through the perfect integration with Excel. Moreover, the after sales support service is fast and accurate. A must have for those working with data analysis!"

Valerio Lo Brano, Eng. Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Industrial Technical Physics, University of Palermo, Italy

"Being a wind resource analyst, I usually need to fit my frequency data to a very specific function. Most curvefit programs I tried in the past would make that very difficult, while not giving me a very good fit. Easyfit professional, especially with its add-ins to Excel where my data lives, made it much easier to find the distribution parameters I am looking for. This is especially important to me because the distributions I usually work with are not standard in the industry, either."

Margo Guda, Manager & Senior Scientist, Fundashon Antiyano Pa Energia, Netherlands Antilles

"We needed a distribution-fitting tool that would work well with Excel. We've found EasyFit to be easy to set up, fast, and accurate. We were pleased to get the added bonus of a number of custom Excel formulas. These made it possible for us to semi-automate several studies we needed to do on a regular basis."

Bahar Gidwani, CFA, Co-founder & CEO, CSRHUB, USA

"As a doctoral student in Computer Science, royal we are dealing with timing analysis for complex industrial real-time embedded systems. EasyFit facilitates our research in terms of acting as a reliable, efficient and easy-to-use statistical distribution fitting program, a pick-and-go statistic book, and a much-needed rain-style technique support. Further, EasyFit becomes my first prioritizing statistical analysis tool in research and work, down the road."

Yue Lu, Ph.D. Student, Malardalen Real-Time Research Centre (MRTC), Sweden

"In our research, we are pretending to use the SDK to fit a large number of software metrics, to figure what distributions these metrics follow. We have data sets of 23 metrics of 111 systems, that will result in 2553 fittings. By manual work in EasyFit, the operation becomes expensive, taking a lot of time. We are using the SDK to automate this work, auto-generating the graphs and best fit distributions for us."

Tarcisio Filo, Researcher, University Federal of Minas Gerais, Brazil

"I had a wonderful experience with EasyFit as a statistical software as far as my thesis was concerned. EasyFit made the analysis of my data so easy and no wonder it is called EasyFit. It helped me to fit statistical distributions to the flood loss data in the 50 States of the United States without any problem. Also, anytime I had a question, instant feedback was provided which I very much appreciated."

Ebenezer Osei, Student, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

"I have been working as a Telecommunications Engineering teacher for the past seventeen years, and I can attest that distribution fitting problems always come up in this area. Though I was introduced to EasyFit not long ago, I have already found in it a superb and accurate way for solving those problems easily and quickly. Additionally, the StatAssist tool has served to me and to my students as a simple, yet precise reference with a great didactical appeal. I am also happy to see that the built-in library is being constantly updated to include new distributions that will widen the already broad range of applications of EasyFit."

Dayan Adionel Guimaraes, National Institute of Telecommunications - Inatel, Brazil

"Being a Ph.D. student in Finance, I have found EasyFit to be the best statistical distribution fitting program for my research. It is very reliable, easy to use, easy to understand the results, and also very good for data exploration. EasyFit is now one of my essential data analysis tools."

Mahnoosh Mirghaemi, Ph.D. Student, University College London, UK

"...EasyFit helps me very much in handling 539 data sets. It is very fast, reliable and easy to use especially for my statistical distribution selection and respective parameter estimation. I would recommend to all students/researchers use Easyfit as it is also Excel compatible... EasyFit has a very good technical support, too."

Norlida Mohd Dom, Ph.D. Student, Hydrologist in Dept. of Irrigation and Drainage, Universiti Sains Malaysia

"I think the program is amazing! I used it on an experiment I ran for a statistics class. Now I know what a Frechet distribution is! Thanks!"

Elizabeth Browning, Student, LeTourneau University, USA

"I have used Easyfit for a number of years to look at data distributions and make sense of what underlies them. It is a very easy program to use and the statistics and diagrams have been very helpful in writing up the results and deciding which distributions are most sensible. I have also found the people at MathWave Technologies to be very helpful and efficient when I have needed to interact with them."

Geoffrey Soutar, Winthrop Professor, University of Western Australia Business School, Australia

"I like EasyFit because of its user friendly interface and seamless integration in Excel. I can quickly check the distribution fit and obtain parameters of the distributions. The XL package is especially useful to process all necessary information within Excel and then plot all the graphs that I need. It makes the stat analysis of my test data quick and easy. The tech support is prompt and helpful. The price for Academic Licence is very friendly, too. I recommend it to my colleagues and students."

Alexander Salenikovich, P.Eng., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Université Laval, Canada

"We would like to congratulate you on your EasyFit software. Our research group at the Engineering Faculty of Stellenbosch University use failure statistics in reliability modelling for the rail industry. Before we 'discovered' your software, we mainly used linear regression to determine distribution parameters for datasets. Not only is it time consuming and limited in capability, but a change in the dataset requires a manual re-calculation of parameters. With EasyFit we could easily compare different distributions and the goodness of fit on a dataset, and the parameters correlated with our linear regression. We are equally impressed with the Excel interface which makes an engineer's life easy!"

Pieter Conradie, P.Eng., Research Engineer, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

"MathWave's EasyFit software is, far and away, a superior data analysis program and easily surpasses its competition. I have tried several similar programs, giving them decent scrutiny from the perspective of a project manager and as an end user. I can attest that the benefits Mathwave claims for EasyFit are true: it's incredibly easy to use from startup onward, and the savings of time (and expense) are immediately apparent. Then there's the speed of its calculations, the clear graphics, plus the fast access and breadth and quality of its outputs, which hold up strongly throughout a variety of input data sets. EasyFit's trouble-free integration and quick access into MS Excel is another major plus. Altogether the quality, capabilities, and benefits from EasyFit should be experienced if you're serious about your data analysis. At the end of the day, you're confident your own work is much better understood and useful because of EasyFit. There isn't anything I can say that's better than that. "

Neil Weinberg, Corporate Trainer and Project Manager, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

"I find EasyFit quite a useful package by any standards. It enables one fit distributions and compare among a pool of many simple component distributions for the distribution of best fit. One gets back parameter values of fitted distributions, ranking of distributions according to their fit, and further, one can view plots for all the fitted distributions. One can view plots of statistical functions such as Harzard functions and Survival functions for the available distributions through StatsAssist. It is even possible to export graphics in most forms such as .eps, .bmp, .jpeg among others, enabling use of the graphics in Latex and other environments (.pdf is probably something worth adding). It is worth noting that new users will use EasyFit on their first attempt. It is so user friendly and addictive, when you have data that has been bothering you. Thanks to the authors of EasyFit."

Nelson Owuor, Postdoctoral Student, Swedish University of Agriculture Sciences - SLU, Sweden

"I discovered Easyfit through a recommendation from a professor in college that I study. I am currently working on series of data of extreme rainfall values, and soon discovered the enormous potential of adjusting various probability distributions and seeing which one best fits the data. One of its major advantages is the saving of time. It's easy to imagine the countless hours I would lose if I not used Easyfit. The computation is very fast, stable and easy-to-use. Strongly recommended."

Alexandre Palma, Master Student, Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning, Portugal

"I think EasyFit is a valuable software for educational goals. The most interesting feature of it for me is its ability to draw statistical graphs due to the parameters which we provide: we can change the parameters freely and see how the graph will change. It is very helpful for the comprehension of various statistical distributions."

Amir Hossein Nikfal, M.S. Student in Meteorology, University of Tehran, Iran

"I always use EasyFit in exploratory data analysis to identify the best distribution fitting data and to teach my students the fundamentals associated with the frequency distributions. It's simple, fast, direct, reliable and inexpensive. Simply an indispensable tool for researchers and teachers."

George Amaro, Researcher, Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, Brazil

"EasyFit has been a great facility in handling gene expression data sets with big number of sample variables. It is through the software I learnt about the Fatigue Life distribution. The interactive graphs opened the hidden avenues of the data that led to the conclusive interpretation of the dataset. It has been of tremendous help in the exploratory data analysis of the dataset and eventually in the final phase of model fitting..."

Uzma Nawaz, Ph.D. Scholar, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Pakistan

"EasyFit was fantastic to me in the context of manage and analysis of large biological and genomics data sets. It worked very easy, quick and precise. It is best alternative software for use in the analysis of genomics data where researcher have a challenge with the huge and vital genomics data."

Roohollah Shamloo-Dashtpagerdi, Ph.D. Student in Plant Breeding, Shiraz University, Iran

"EasyFit really saves a lot of human effort. The results are accurate and useful especially dealing with probability distribution functions. Great user interface with graphs, summary and even goodness-of-fit tests! As a rainfall analysis researcher, I find it most suit the purpose for my research paper. It is a really helpful software. Recommend it to whoever are dealing with probability distribution problems."

Mike Leong, INTI International University, Malaysia

"If you want to be sure that the distribution of your data accurately reflects reality, then EasyFit is the only program that does everything you could ever wish for. The integration with Excel functions and the extensive help notes go a long way towards simplifying what would otherwise be a tedious and intimidating statistical exercise."

Keith Barnett, Amateur Meteorologist, Australia

"EasyFit is an amazing software both for occasional and frequent statistical analyses. The best way is to try it out for no description can be a substitute for hands on experience. As a general idea, without prior knowledge and help, it took me about ten to fifteen minutes to run the software on real live data. The simplicity of application without loss of accuracy is a major plus. A General Extreme Value analyses on a sample of 75 values took one minute as compared to some 15 minutes to solve the same problem in Excel."

F. Fahlbusch, Ph.D., Civil Engineer Retired

"Inputting directly from an Excel sheet and automatically using the data is very easy. I really like the fact that you can work with summarized data from Excel bins and frequencies rather than the raw data. Sometimes you have a reason for defining the bin width that may not be consistent with the best bin width from a theoretical basis, or the summarized data is what you want to fit instead of the raw data. I like the ability to do multiple fits and have them ranked by Goodness of Fit so quickly."

Larry J. Kasper, CPA, CVA, CBA

"EasyFit does not only speed up my data analysis task, but also helped me in understanding several complex probability distributions... Besides, the customer support from MathWave Technologies is great!."

K. B. Chang, Student, University of Malaya, Malaysia

"EasyFit, as the name implies is one of the best statistical analytic tools that is easy to handle and user's friendly. It has virtually all the statistical distributions that can be described, making it one of the most utilized distribution software. To me, Easyfit is the first and the best software for distribution analysis, and I will like to recommended it for everybody so as to make 'life easy' for all. To this end therefore, I will like to say a big thank you to the developers/producers of Easyfit software for making life easy for everyone, particularly myself as this will go a long way to helping me in my research work."

Ogana Nwabueze, Student in Forest Biometrics, Department of Forest Resources Management, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

"EasyFit requires no prior experience to decide among different distributions. A user just needs to enter the data and within no time with a single click EasyFit will do all the job. It is user friendly and more sophisticated software. As a researcher in the field of Water Resources Engineering, I found it a handy resource to decide among numerous distributions. Its capability of parameter estimation and graphical interface make it more worthy. I would recommend its use to all practitioners for its ease and best outcomes."

Muhammad Ajmal, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Hanyang University, South Korea

"As a trial I have used it earlier and found very useful, especially for those students who are not aware of programming it is very useful. They can analyse their data and produce results fitting different distributions in your package. I found it as a useful tool for analyzing our large meteorological data sets."

Dr. S. Nandargi, Scientist, Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology

"As a student I was looking for an easy to use program that can fit distributions to certain data and calculate extreme values. With Easyfit I've found what I was looking for. The program integrates with ease in MS Excel and is very user friendly, you can use and compare multiple distributions without any hassle. Just a great program to use."

Martin Volgers, Student in Hydraulic Engineering, Built Environment Department, HAN University of Applied Science, The Netherlands

"EasyFit is a software that every statistician must have. It's a user friendly software that makes computations very fast. Embedded in it are numerous inbuilt distributions and goodness-of-fit tests. Its compatablility with Excel is also wonderful. EasyFit just as the name implies is indeed easy to use and increases efficiency of statistical analysis."

Popoola O. Daniel, Student, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

"EasyFit is a very helpful software particularly handling a lot of data. Its tools are very easy and analysis scope is much wider as compared to other software products. Indeed it works & helps a lot when you have to handle climate data, like in my case."

Abdul Qayyum, Ph.D. Scholar, College of Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of the Punjab, Pakistan

"I really like EasyFit because this software can find the distribution of data quickly, which speeds up my work, and with the confirmation of hypothesis testing known and trusted. It is a user friendly software with intuitive interface, which does not demand much time to start using it as well. The graphics are explanatory and there are options if you want to change parameters with the confirmation of the tests if they would be a good option or not for what you want."

Dani Castelo Branco

"EasyFit is available statistical software. It can fit your data to many distributions easly which makes your model reflect the problem clearly. It worked very easy so, I can depend on it in teaching courses which deal with test hypothesis. EsayFit presents a good report for goodness of fit test and make graphs related to distribution functions. So, I recommend and testimonial it to researchers and my students in actuarial, risk and insurance area for problems to build models related to probability distributions."

Osama Hanafy Mahmoud, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Insurance, Sadat Academy for Management Sciences, Egypt

"When am in confusion regarding my project data analysis, like what distribution is followed by collected data points from time and motion study videos of construction activities, EasyFit is the best software I found, which has given me the results exactly I require, including the graphs followed by distribution fitting of data points... the ranking for each distribution is very helpful to analyse the optimal curve fitting..."

K. Sneha, Masters Researcher, Construction Technology and Managment, National Institue of Technology, Warangal, India

"EasyFit is the best framework that I have found for all students that need to deal with statistics and goodness of fit. It provides lots of features, from the basic statistics to the most complex results like fitting a distribution to a sample. It is pretty easy to test among many types of distributions, which would best fit to the samples."

Evandro Macedo, Student in System Engineering and Computing, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"EasyFit is the perfect tool I needed in my work for hydrological data assessment and processing for my research work i.e. fitting extreme value distributions and analysis. It is a good tool for both professional, training and research work. I find it easy to use."

Eric Akivaga, Student in Water Resources Engineering, Civil Engineering Department, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology

"Me encanta usar EasyFit, es un software muy amigable, poderoso y efectivo que ahorra cientos de horas de trabajo de escritorio, programación y ejecución, en mi opinión el mejor software para la estimación de modelos."

Edgar C Anguiano González, Gerente de No Vida Solvencia II, Aseguradora Interacciones, México.

"I enjoy examining butterfly migration patterns. Excel does not have a very robust set of statistical analysis tools for modeling extreme distributions. EasyFit fills that void with a very extensive set of worksheet formulas. Thanks, MathWave!"

Joseph Spain, Retired, North America

"I was preparing a manuscript for submission to a scientific journal, and had two very large data sets of approximately 190,000 and 160,000 values, and I needed to test for the best statistical distribution for each of them. I have limited experience in statistics, and I did not have access to any of the large and expensive statistical packages. I investigated several options available on the Internet, and EasyFit did all that I wanted, and was very straightforward to use in the trial version. I purchased an Academic License, and it handled the very large data sets with ease. Various plotting options and goodness of fit tests were easy to use, and the help section was particularly instructive for a statistical novice such as myself."

Ken Joyner

"EasyFit provides a seamless and quick connection with Excel. It is extremely rapid and uses the three widely used distribution fitting tests: Anderson-Darling, Kolmogorov-Smirnov and Chi-squared tests. The package has many uncommon distributions such as the Gumbel, which is used extensively in extreme value theory. An example would be extreme wind speeds, charting flood data among others. The program also has the Rayleigh distribution which has applications in the analysis of wind speeds and in wind farms. There is also the Birnbaum-Saunders distribution which is appropriate for describing cumulative degradation processes. The aforementioned distributions among others are not found in the usual commonly used packages but are nonetheless of crucial importance in analyzing many natural and financial data sets."

Michael London, Former Analyst, Chamber of Mines of South Africa, South Africa

"As a retired Telecommunication Engineer, I have been using distribution fitting software for decades. The list of programs I used is long and, of course, all did the fit. But EasyFit to me is quite different. It has what I need - a detailed and practically relevant knowledge base around 50+ distributions. It does what I want - a quick trustworthy fit based on a self explanatory user interface. Data goes in and out with ease, and the assortment and display of distributional data is exhaustive. The perfect integration into Excel gives it the ultimate edge since this is where I do most of my work. A tremendous tool in the true sense: pops in when needed, works smoothly while I concentrate on my real task, fitting distributions being only one step in a program."

H. Dieter Zimmermann, Telecommunication Engineer, Private Researcher, Dominican Republic

"As a Chinese software reseller, I find it very comfortable to work with MathWave. Fast and helpful e-mail communication. And I found that the payment method is also very secure for us. Have to mention that when we tried to issue a refund for the customer, they were still very positive to help us. Very good job!"

Jessie Chan, Marketing Specialist, China Science Software Network

"EasyFit is of no doubt a valuable tool for anyone involved in research or lecturing. EasyFit can be used to deal with any sort of data like the one collected from Radio Sounding or from Microwave Links subjected to severe fading during the worst month etc. EasyFit is very accurate, affordable & easy to use and, moreover, it can be easily interfaced with Excel worksheets. I highly recommend this software to researchers, engineers, students & alike."

Eng. Ahmad A.M. Allawi, Microwave System Design Engineer & Lecturer for over 20 years, Iraq