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EasyFit allows to automatically or manually fit a large number of distributions to your data and select the best model in seconds. It can be used as a stand-alone application or with Microsoft Excel, enabling you to solve a wide range of business problems with only a basic knowledge of statistics.

Benefits of EasyFit:

  • save time: reduce your analysis times by 70-95% over manual methods
  • save money: prevent analysis errors and make better business decisions
  • ensure the high quality of your projects
  • get started fast: EasyFit is extremely easy to learn & use

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Who Should Use EasyFit?

EasyFit is successfully used by business analysts, engineers, researchers and scientists across a wide range of industries: risk analysis, actuarial science, economics, market research, reliability engineering, hydrology, forestry, mining, medicine, image processing, and many other fields dealing with random data.

What Our Customers Say About EasyFit:

"As a project engineer and program manager for 35 years, I have used curve-fitting programs throughout my career, but this one is lightweight and yet more powerful than anything on the market..."

David G. Beshore, Senior Project Engineer,
Atlas V Program, Aerospace Corp. [read more testimonials]