Company Profile

MathWave Technologies provides leading edge data analysis solutions. We have strong experience in software development for high performance computing, simulation, data analysis, and data representation.

We are committed to providing top quality products and excellent customer service ensuring that our customers get maximum return on their investment.


To research, innovate and develop delightful data analysis solutions, ensuring that MathWave creates superior value for its customers.


To help companies and people focus on their businesses by applying the innovative solutions we provide.


Our products are successfully applied in such diverse fields as:

  • risk analysis
  • actuarial science
  • market research
  • business & economic research
  • mining & geological engineering
  • reliability engineering
  • chemical engineering
  • hydrology
  • forestry
  • agriculture
  • fisheries
  • medicine
  • biology
  • demography

Our Clients

Business analysts, engineers, researchers and scientists in small companies, educational institutions, government organizations and transnational corporations around the globe have chosen our products to address their specific data analysis needs.