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Simulation & Probabilistic Analysis SDK 1.2 Released

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Recently we have released a new version of our SDK. In this update, we have added a new property that lets you obtain the current licensing status of the SDK – for instance, you can determine whether the SDK is currently running in trial mode (using the Evaluation License), and if so, how many days are left until the evaluation period expires.

Consider the following scenario: you are building an application with a modular structure that, apart from its core feature set, provides some additional functionality through a number of modules, or add-ins, which can be installed and enabled on an optional basis. Now, suppose one of these modules uses the simulation or distribution fitting features of the SDK, and you want to give your users an ability to evaluate it prior to making a purchase decision. The new version of the SDK lets you easily integrate this logic into your applications, allowing you to create more flexible solutions that better meet your customers’ needs.

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