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Use EasyFit For Just $1 a Day or Less

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If you have been recently evaluating EasyFit and find it useful for your short or medium term projects, but cannot justify the upfront cost of the Perpetual License, today we have very good news for you: at just $1 a day or less, you can use the fully functional version of the product without the need to purchase the Perpetual License.

You can subscribe for a minimum of one month, and the monthly price drops as you subscribe for a longer term, going from around $0.80 a day for a three-month license, down to less than 55 cents a day when purchasing the annual license (see detailed pricing).

Note that the subscription fee is non-recurring: once your license expires, your credit card will not be charged, but you can still continue using the product to open your existing EasyFit project files and view the analysis results obtained during the subscription term.

For subscription ordering details, click here.

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